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Igb is one of the most renowned players in the pharmaceutical packaging sector.


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Igb was founded by Dino Bressan and his colleague during the 60s economic boom.

It started under the name of “Grafica Viggiù” as a general-purpose printing house. During the 80s Dino Bressan became the sole owner and named the company “Igb” “Industrie Grafiche Bressan” which is the name it has today.

Igb started up designing and developing folding boxes for different products and over the years focused on the production of pharmaceutical packaging and cosmetic packaging.
During the 90s the company integrated all processes of the paper and graphics supply chain (design, pre-press, press and post-press) for the development of pharmaceutical packaging us-ing the best available technologies. Since the end of the 90s, the second generation of the fami-ly took over, keeping the company up to date. It has expanded and improved its research and development department. Up to today Igb has filed a number of patents such as tamper-evident cartons and child-resistant cartons, catching the attention of many lead-ing pharmaceutical companies.

Late 1960s: in partnership with a colleague, Dino Bressan set up "Grafica Viggiù". Started up as a traditional general-purpose printing house, the company rode the wave of the economic boom.
1980s: Dino Bressan became the sole owner and named the company "Igb - Industrie Grafiche Bressan”.The turning point in the company history was focusing first on all-round packaging and later on pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging.
1990s: all the processes of the printing chain (design, pre-press, press and post-press) were integrated, using cutting-edge technology. Igb has always been investing, regularly and sustainably, in people, technology and processes. Thanks to those investments, its client portfolio has been growing along with the range of products and services offered.
1999: the second generation of the family joined the business management.
2012: the R&D department was created and the first patent proceedings started.

2018: Igb2 opens: the second production site at Induno Olona, fuelled by the Tamper Evident's success. The second site guarantees continuity of supply to customers.
2019: The ambitious "Formula Dino" program begins. The program is inspired by the Toyota Production System and is leading the company towards a "Lean Production" model that aims at total customer satisfaction.



“To deliver impeccable services, to enhance the image and processes of its customers by providing high-quality printing and packaging products.
In Igb, long-standing printing know-how, modern organisation management and a strong entrepreneurial spirit enhance each other. The company owners are fully involved, managing the organization and customer relations.

The company owners are fully involved, managing the organization and customer relations to ensure that every aspect of the development and production of cosmetic packaging and pharmaceutical packaging complies with the required quality standards.

Their involvement promotes the importance of packaging as a way of providing the services that customers require.


Igb has offices in Milan and Varese, very close to Como Lake. In Viggiù, near Varese, the company's brand-new production site is more 15,000 sqm. From 2019 the second branch is operational in Induno Olona and  covers an area of over 6,000 square meters.The plants have state-of-the-art machinery. The buildings are designed to achieve the best printing results and to make the most of natural light, relying on modern heating systems.
The buildings are also engineered to facilitate the specific workflow of graphic arts and converting processes.
Care, cleanliness and hygiene, required by the pharmaceutical business, are at the core of the plant management.

The Visual Factory, inspired by the Toyota Production System, allows to manage information and performance efficiently.

The sites are strategically placed: both close to the Swiss border and 30 minutes from the major pharmaceutical districts north of Milan. The plants are close enough to be easily managed and far enough for risk mitigation.


Igb’s know-how, processes and technology, guarantee the best quality in printed material, preventing mix-ups and product contamination and enhancing customer satisfaction.

100% quality is guaranteed by a network of advanced technologies and quality controls.

The lean approach is inspired by the most modern applications of the TPS - Toyota Production System.

Folding cartons, the core business of the company, are not seen as just a product on its own but as a complex body of services, aiming at the success of its corporate clients: product design expertise, problem solving and the focus on customers' logistic needs, all together complete the outstanding quality of Igb cosmetic packaging and pharmaceutical packaging.

Igb is a problem solver and service provider, aiming at developing and delivering packaging projects to its clients.

Igb guarantees to its customers a smooth production workflow, integral to the customer’s processes: a “zero-defect" manufacturing approach.

All Igb's technological investments are tailored to the use of objective data, based on certified parameters and standards that ensure repeatability, uniformity and traceability.

chiavi del successoIn short, Igb's keys to success are:

  • Innovation
  • Lean management inspired by the Toyota Production System.
  • Total control on the production chain: from design to final product.
  • The best know-how.
  • Cutting-edge technology.
  • Quick & Reliable service.
  • Production flexibility.
  • Top quality products.
  • Production consistency & traceability
  • 100% quality control.


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