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World Class Folding Boxes

Finishing Stages

The finishing department is equipped with cutting-edge technology and performs 100% quality control trough a validated system.


fustellaturaThe die-cutting department is equipped with the best machinery, operated by highly trained staff for the production of ampoule trays and folding boxes for medicines and cosmetics.

Registration accuracy, perfect creasing and impeccable embossing are the everyday routine in this department.

The results are guaranteed machinability of folding cartons and the peace of mind for the packaging departments of Igb's customers: the cartons run quickly and smoothly through the packaging lines, preventing delays, production standstills and their costs.
The die-cutting department works in close contact with R&D, developing innovative packaging that addresses the most challenging briefs coming from clients' marketing offices.

For all these reasons, leading pharmaceutical manufacturers trust Igb.

Are you looking for folding boxes and ampoule trays? Contact us today!



The brand-new gluing lines are able to mass produce, folding and gluing, any type of folding carton.

This way we can lower the unit cost of products such as ampoule trays and folding boxes for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

The best value for money is delivered through:

  • High-speed production
  • Electronically controlled lines that allow to store set-up data for every job, making repeated productions much easier and quicker.
  • Automatic packaging machines that are attached to the gluing lines.

All the lines feature sophisticated 100% control systems to avoid mix-ups. Pre-press software, ISO 9001 certified procedures and GMPs, together, prevent mix-up.

The precision, required by pharmaceutical companies, is granted.



Igb produces paper trays for ampoules, with a focus on environmental sustainability: by using paperboard from FSC and PEFC certified forests, packaging is more environmental friendly than similar plastic packaging.

The trays manufacturing machine, designed and built by Igb, is the only one of its kind in Italy and one of the most modern in Europe.


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